Week of 12/02


Seitan Scramble Burrito

Seitan crumbled sausage, scrambled tofu, mixed peppers, So Delicious cheddar shreds

Sweet Potato Muffins (SF)

A favorite! Creamy sweet potatoes, warm spices (two per order)

Red Smoothie (GF) (SF)

Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, almond milk, maple syrup, and protein powder

Southern Salad (GF) (SF)

Mixed greens, carrots, radish, green bell pepper, Daiya cheddar shreds, Gardein crispy chikn, millet chia croutons

Kung Pao Bowl (GF) (SF)

Roasted cauliflower rice, roasted chickpeas, zucchini, and red bell pepper tossed in kung pao sauce

Roasted Cauliflower Bowl (GF) (SF)

Zucchini noodles, roasted cauliflower, celery, fresh and sun-dried tomatoes, and lemon herb dressing

Jackfruit Chili (GF) (SF)

Shredded jackfruit, kidney beans, chili spices. Topped w- coconut cream and Mexican relish, served w- our House Tortilla Chips

Chikn Pesto Spaghetti (SF)

Linguini, Italian spiced seitan, pesto, cashew parmesan

Tortilla Bake (GF)

Yellow corn tortillas, soy taco meat, coconut milk nacho cheese sauce, corn, and salsa baked to perfection

Week of 12/09


Peanut Butter Cup Smoothie (GF) (SF)

Roasted banana, peanut butter, cocoa powder, cashew milk, protein powder

Black Bean Tofu Scramble (GF)

Black beans, tofu, red bell peppers, green onion

Apple Cinnamon Muffins (SF)

Organic applesauce, Vietnamese cinnamon (two per order)

Kale Caesar Salad (GF)

Organic kale, roasted chickpeas, Follow Your Heart parmesan, millet chia croutons, tahini Caesar dressing

Orange Chikn Bowl

Garlic white rice, soy chikn in orange sauce, pickled carrot ribbons, mung bean sprouts, sesame seed

Zoodle Pesto (GF)

Raw zucchini noodles, Follow Your Heart parmesan, sun-dried tomatoes, pesto alfredo sauce

Spanish Picadillo (GF) (SF)

Beefless ground, tomato, olives, traditional Spanish spices. Served over rice

Mushroom Stroganoff (GF)

Brown rice pasta, oregano, Portobello mushroom strips, herb cream sauce

Golden Stew (GF) (SF)

Coconut milk-based stew of cauliflower, chickpeas, onion, ginger, and turmeric

Week of 12/16


Banana Walnut Bread (SF)

A traditional comfort food made w- plant-based milk and butter (two slices per order)

Orange Ginger Smoothie (GF) (SF)

Orange juice, fresh ginger, ginger roasted banana, coconut yogurt, coconut milk, protein powder

Curry Potato Burrito (GF)

Russet potatoes, tofu, mild curry sauce, teff tortilla

Buffalo Chikn Bowl (GF)

Roasted potatoes, fresh spinach, Gardein crispy chicken, house buffalo sauce, pickled veg, cherry tomatoes, mock blue cheese

Jerk Tofu Bowl (GF)

Brown rice, jerk roasted tofu, black beans, spinach, sugar roasted corn, mango chutney

Zoodle Spaghetti (GF) (SF)

Raw zucchini noodles, house marinara sauce w- beefless ground, Follow Your Heart parmesan

Stuffed Mushrooms (GF) (SF)

Marinated Portobello caps stuffed w- rice, roasted radishes, green bell pepper, and red onion

Skillet Chili (GF) (SF)

A simple chili of beefless ground, beans, red bell pepper, tomato, and onion over white rice

Cauliflower Steak and Potatoes (GF) (SF)

Hand mashed potatoes, roasted cauliflower steak topped w- almond golden raisin butter sauce

Week of 12/30


Chocolate Tahini Muffins (SF)

Cocoa, tahini, applesauce, and vanilla (two per order)

Banana Cash Smoothie (GF) (SF)

Banana, spinach, maple syrup, cashew butter, cashew milk, protein powder

Breakfast Sandwich

Seitan, fried tofu egg, and plant based cheese on millet chia bread

Taco Salad (GF)

Power greens, black beans, quinoa taco meat, So Delicious cheddar shreds, carrot, salsa, guacamole

Roasted Veggie Bowl (GF) (SF)

Brown rice, arugula, roasted zucchini, red onion, red bell pepper, roasted tofu, lime vinaigrette

Pineapple Fried Rice (GF) (SF)

Brown rice, juicy pineapple, white onion, orange bell pepper, mung bean sprouts, micro cilantro

Harvest Bowl (GF) (SF)

A collection of fall yummies. Roasted sweet potato rounds, fried cabbage, cornbread dressing, and fresh cranberry sauce

Cheese & Spice Pasta (GF) (SF)

Brown rice pasta, Daiya cheese, onion, beefless ground, red pepper flake, and tomato basil pasta sauce

Pumpkin Chili (GF) (SF)

A slightly sweet and spicy mix of pureed pumpkin, Portobello mushrooms, onion, black beans, and tomato