Green Smoothie

Spinach, green apple, kiwi, pear, and spirulina powder

Pitahaya Smoothie

Frozen pitahaya, red apple, cherry, lemon, and raw protein powder

Black Bean Tofu Scramble

Mashed black beans, scrambled tofu, and veggies

Matcha Muffins

Slightly sweetened matcha green tea muffins



The Flay

Baby lettuce, carrots, red onion, crispy chikn substitute, tomato, Anaheim peppers, ranch

Winterberry Salad

Spinach, dried cranberries, cinnamon sugar roasted almonds, green bell pepper, shaved red onion, poppy seed dressing

Fajita Bowl

Cilantro-lime brown rice, roasted red bell peppers and onions, black beans, pico, chipotle crema

The House Poblano

Mixed greens, poblano peppers, shaved red onion, tomato, grilled corn, black beans, toasted pumpkin seeds, lime vinaigrette

The Pickled Wedge

Lettuce wedge, pickled onions and carrots, tomato, mock blue cheese dressing

Roasted Veggie Bowl

Arugula, roasted zucchini, red onion, red bell pepper, roasted tofu, lime vinaigrette

The Greek

Romaine, shaved red onion, Kalamata olives, cucumber, tomato, crumbled salt and oregano spiced tofu, Greek dressing

Kung Pao Tofu Bowl

Roasted chickpeas, zucchini, red bell pepper, kung pao sauce, garlic cauliflower rice

Taco Bowl

Cilantro-lime brown rice, pinto beans, chopped veggies, roasted corn, pico, guacamole

Asian Salad

Shredded cabbage, romaine, fried tofu, basil, carrot, crispy noodles, cilantro, sweet and sour dressing

Curry Chickpea Bowl

Curried chickpeas and veggies atop brown jasmine rice



Cauliflower Alfredo

Cauliflower based alfredo sauce, rice pasta, fresh herbs

Jackfruit Chili w- House Tortilla Chips

Traditional chili base w- pulled jackfruit, Mexican relish, served w- house tortilla chips

Southern Plate of the Week

An ever-changing mashup of the Chef’s favorite southern dishes that include things such as collard greens, stewed cabbage, lima beans, mac and cheeze, cornbread, and more

Harvest Lasagna

Layers of wheat pasta sheets, fresh spinach, butternut squash puree, cashew cheese, and tomato sauce

Thai Green Curry Soup

Traditional green curry soup with chickpeas

Zoodle Spaghetti

Raw zucchini noodles, traditional Italian spaghetti sauce, soy meat crumbles, almond gremolata topping

Spaghetti Squash Lasagna

Layers of baked lasagna using roasted spaghetti squash, traditional Italian sauce, and tofu ricotta

Sloppy Joe’s w- Roasted Carrots w- Curry Ketchup

Fresh slider rolls, sauced jackfruit, roasted carrot fries

Pumpkin Chili

A favorite! Warm and slightly spicy chili w- pumpkin, black beans, and corn

Cauliflower Steak and Potatoes

Tender cauliflower steak, mashed potatoes, sautéed kale

Mushroom Stroganoff

Rice pasta, mushroom medley, cashew based cream sauce

BBQ Carrot Plate

Grilled BBQ carrots, potato salad, collard greens, and fresh roll

Sweet Potato Picadillo w- Chayote Squash Relish

Traditional Spanish picadillo w- soy meat substitute, sweet potato mash, fresh chayote squash and lime relish



Hibiscus Water

Slightly sweet and tart aqua de Jamaica, a traditional Mexican beverage

Rose Water Lemonade

The Chef’s favorite fresh lemonade recipe with a sweet rose water syrup infusion

Mint Tea

Lightly sweetened decaffeinated tea w- fresh mint


Refreshing and tart limeade