Our Packaging


Traditional meal prep providers will likely deliver your meals in reusable plastic containers. They’re a cheap and convenient option for food storage. And while many consumers have jumped on the BPA-free train, several are unaware of the dangers that even BPA-free plastics still hold. A 2016 study revealed that all plastic containers, including BPA-free plastics, contain an unknown amount of estrogen activators that are released with repeated reuse and reheating.

At The Veggie, we use packaging that cares about you and your family. Our lunch and dinner entrees are packaged in containers made from compostable, fully recycled materials. Our drinks are bottled in 100% compostable plastic for safe single-use. At each new delivery we will gladly collect any containers that you may need assistance with recycling. Thank you for helping us do our part to better the environment!


Meal Prep orders are managed through our website and Square platform. After completing a New Client Form and client consultation, we will setup an online profile which will contain all of the information you completed from the New Client Form. Each week we will cross reference your allergies and preferences to ensure all meals received meet your needs. All orders and payments are manual allowing you to login from week to week to specify your selections without fear of being charged in traditional automatic ordering systems. You can also save a card with your client profile to be charged automatically when you do place an order. Not interested in ordering for a while? No problem! It’s totally up to you on when and how frequently to order. To order for an upcoming week just place your order by our Thursday cut-off time at noon. If you’re not particularly computer savvy or don’t have access to a computer, we will be happy to take your order over the phone by the Thursday cut-off time at noon.

Our menus are generally available up to three weeks in advance. Weekly selections are summarized in the ordering platform while detailed menus are housed on our website and sent out via email to our subscribers. If ordering 5- or 7-day meal prep, please specify which dishes you want to repeat in the notes. If you find that you need custom options, please contact us prior to placing your order.


Our meal prep deliveries are made on Monday mornings between 5-8am and we also convene for afternoon pickup for our out of town or alternate work schedule clients between 11-11:30am. During market season, Family Packs are available for pickup only. Clients can purchase a full size pack from our website for pickup or, grab a small size Pack at the market (subject to availability). Outside of market season Family Packs are delivered Tuesday-Thursday only

All meals are delivered in a temperature controlled box and can last safely up to three hours without refrigeration. If no one is home to receive your delivery, meals will be left at a specified drop location at your home. Each customer is responsible for specifying a safe drop location on the New Client Form. The Veggie is not liable for stolen or lost deliveries. Any late additions or charges not paid for with our online system must be resolved at the time of delivery to receive your order.

The Veggie is committed to excellence in all aspects of our business, including delivery. Our drivers will always arrive in uniform making them easy to identify. Each driver is equipped with the ability to receive credit card payments for any payment resolutions that may be needed at the time of delivery. Drivers do not carry nor are they able to accept cash. If no one will be home at the time of delivery and your account requires resolution, please call us prior to the start of delivery. Although our delivery windows may adjust slightly to accommodate the volume of deliveries or in the event of inclement weather, orders will typically be delivered between 5-8am.

Other Important Stuff

To get started, complete the New Client Form and schedule a client consultation through our Meal Prep page. If needed, you can also schedule a short 15-minute consultation call to ask us any questions to clarify expectations and make sure you understand our service.

Although our food is 100% vegan, it is not necessarily gluten free. For this and other allergies we encourage all customers to clearly read the ingredients and/or potential allergens listed along with each selection, along with soy and gluten designations. The link to our monthly menu items and ingredients can be accessed from the bottom of the home page. In addition, we will ensure your weekly orders do not conflict with your allergy information and as much as possible, we will attempt to accommodate all preferences. Should there be any discrepancy between your order and the information provided during initial consultation, we will resolve it and ensure that your order is safe for your consumption. We will try to accommodate gluten free consumers as much as we can without impacting the integrity of our dishes, which may at times result in slightly different dishes or substitutions to accommodate gluten sensitive veggies.

We strongly recommend that you follow all consumption and reheating instructions that accompany your meals. Bacteria can grow in any food when not stored or reheated properly which could result in loss of food integrity or even sickness. The Veggie takes all care to prepare and deliver your food safely which it is each customer’s responsibility to head instructions and store their food properly. Our meal prep customers receive an email on delivery day with instructions, tips, dietary information, and order of consumption for safe eating. 

Our meal prep menus are available on our website by clicking LET'S EAT from the home page and are also visible in a summarized format at the time of ordering in our Square platform. Read item descriptions for additional info about your purchase.

Our goal is to provide you with quality food and great service. We encourage your questions and feedback via our website.


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