Transition Classes


Becoming a veggie can take serious work! Most aspiring veggies are desperately looking for insight on how to transition, what substitutes are out there, and what techniques to use to create vegan food that doesn’t lack flavor. Our transition classes are unique teaching and dining experiences that help you make sensible, gradual changes as you move toward a veggie lifestyle.

Each class is two-fold and centers around a monthly theme. First, join Chef Adyre in the kitchen for a personal learning experience that features plant-based alternatives and techniques for the aspiring veggie. Don’t worry, we’ll serve up a few apps to taste along the way. Next, gather around the table for comradery and a great meal. Our classes are perfect for a girl’s (or guy’s) night out, aspiring veggies who want to get in the game, and those who just want an innovative food tasting experience.

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